The Roshi ® Program is a charitable services program designed to promote Enso® sponsored Athletes and Organizations from the grassroots level within local communities to help build, develop and grow themselves, along with Enso® Affiliates, for the Athletes and Organizations to be rewarded for marketing, hosting events, donating sporting goods to underprivileged children, organizing and providing youth sports activities and sports camps along with sports camp services, providing cultural and sporting events, presenting and organizing live Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events and competitions as entertainment services such as appearances by sports celebrities, providing Yoga or Karate and Martial Arts instruction, operating martial arts' schools and studios, providing sports facilities provisioning information regarding local sports and sporting events, organizing sporting events such as Triathlons to promote the Run Circles® goods and services, or selling a variety of goods and services that Enso LLC and/or its' Affiliates offer.

Enso® sponsors Athletes with a passion for sports to represent Enso in their local community through the Roshi ® Program. If you're an Athlete or interested in becoming an Enso® Affiliate, please fill out the contact form below:

Disclaimer: This form and announcement, in no way, shape, or form portrays employment opportunities, by any means, or an application for employment by Enso LLC. It is merely a notification of limited opportunities, by Enso LLC, for the brand, Ens?. By accepting receipt of this announcement, you are agreeing to hereby indemnify Enso LLC.