Enso Bandage Guard Supportive Wraps & Gussets

Enso Bandage Guard Supportive Wraps & Gussets

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Material: cotton
Weight: 68g


  • Arm guards for athletic use
  • Athletic equipment, namely, guards for elbows, knees, feet, chest, arms, thigh, buttocks, hip and knee pads
  • Body limb compression sleeves for use in soccer and other sports
  • Elbow pads for athletic use
  • Hand pads for athletic use
  • Karate gloves
  • Karate kick pads
  • Karate shin pads
  • Knee guards for athletic use
  • Knee pads for athletic use
  • Leg guards for athletic use
  • Men's athletic supporters
  • Pads for shoulders and chests and thighs for use in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing
  • Shoulder pads for athletic use
  • Sports equipment for boxing and martial arts, namely, boxing gloves and shin guards
  • Wrist guards for athletic use
  • Clothing for athletic use, namely, padded elbow compression sleeves
  • Parts of clothing, namely, gussets for tights, gussets for stockings, gussets for bathing suits, gussets for underwear, gussets for leotards and gussets for footlets
  • Shoulder wraps
  • Wraps
  • Training pads for the protection of the chest in mixed-martial arts (MMA) and boxing
  • Chest protectors for sports
  • Elbow guards for athletic use
  • Sporting goods and equipment for speed training, namely, ankle bands
  • Athletic sporting goods, namely, athletic wrist and joint supports

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